What Is a Violent Crime?

Violent crimes are those criminal offenses that involve the use of force and violence. At times, they can also involve the mere threat of force or violence, even if the threat wasn’t carried out. The term “violent crime” covers a broad spectrum of offenses including: sexual assault, rape, simple assault, aggravated assault, robbery and murder.

Violent crimes can happen in one of two ways: (1) they can happen where violence is the main objective of the crime and (2) they can happen where violence is a means to an end. For example, violence is the objective when somebody shoots someone at point- blank range in murder scheme. Whereas, violence would be a means to an end if somebody was robbing a bank and wound up shooting one of the bank tellers.

One of the most common types of violent crime involves assault. The actual definition of assault means that there was an intentional threat or use of force against another person; however, actual contact need not take place. Merely threatening to harm someone, coupled with the present ability to carry out that threat constitutes assault. Assault charges can range from simple assault charges to aggravated assault. In many cases assault is charged as a misdemeanor; however, it can also be charged as a felony offense. Battery is very similar to assault, except for the fact that actual physical contact must have taken place between the suspect and the victim or between a weapon and the victim.

In more than half of robberies, the victims will be confronted with a weapon such as a knife, or gun. Robbers use weapons to instill fear in their victims so they can control them and get them to hand over whatever it is that they are taking. If the suspect possesses a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, they will face penalty enhancements even if they never used the weapon against the victim or discharged a firearm. The mere presence of a weapon during the commission of a crime will incur penalty enhancements.

Sexual assault is a form of non-consensual contact or forcible rape. Although most victims of sexual assault do not encounter a weapon, sexual assault still falls under the category of violent crime and will be punished as such.

The most serious of all violent crimes are those involving homicide. There are different degrees of homicide, and they are based on the severity of the offense. Murder and manslaughter charges vary depending upon a variety of factors including: intent, malice, aforethought, self defense, and other facts surrounding the case. For instance, a person who accidentally kills another person in a car accident will most likely face lighter penalties than a person who premeditates a murder and carries it out.

When a person is convicted of a violent felony, they will typically be prohibited from possessing a firearm. They will also face incarceration, fines, restitution, community service, and probation among other penalties. In the case of a serious violent felony, the person might even face the death penalty in the state of Florida. If you or a loved one were charged with a violent crime, it is absolutely necessary that you retain the services of a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Everyone has the right to a defense; a lawyer will be able to offer you the guidance you need during this very difficult time. They will be able to go through the evidence with a fine tooth comb and unearth any mitigating circumstances that might help get the charges against you reduced or dropped entirely.