Crime Never Pays

Crime is a bad thing. And the previous sentence was an understatement, and an inaccurate description of the concept of Crime.

When someone commits a crime he or she, for sure, has broken a law that applies to the place and situation he or she is in. The principal statement of crime is that, if there is a law that is broken, there must be retribution, or justice meted.

Quick question. You run a red light. This means you have broken traffic laws. Does this mean you are a criminal?

Probably not.

If that were so, then probably three-quarters of the U.S.’s driving population would be criminals. Luckily, this is not the case. Crime, in a broad sense, refers to acts that violate political or moral law. An even more specific definition of Crime is the violation of criminal law.

Since running a red light is a violation of traffic laws and not criminal laws, we aren’t that ready to label more that half of the drivers on the streets today as criminals.

The general rules of defining crime may vary from country to country, culture to culture.

“Actus Reus and Mens Rea”, yes, I know. Two words that don’t really mean anything to most laypeople. Actus Reus means “guilty action.” This means an act of crime has been committed. Mens rea means “guilty mind.” This means there was malicious intentions by a party. Generally, for an act to be counted as a crime, both concepts must be present.

Corpus Delicti. Some people are as guilty of a crime as can be. But somehow, you find them free of guilt in the court of law. Usually, this is because there has been no corpus delicti found (Yes, more Latin words…). Without corpus delicti (or “proof of a crime”) there can be no prosecution of a crime.

Assisting a Crime. It may also be a crime to conspire in order to commit other crimes, or helping others to commit crimes (in which case one becomes an accomplice).

In some systems, the simple association for organizing a crime is punished. Roles that accomplices play include being a ‘lookout,’ or simply assisting in the communications of criminals in committing crimes.

Aborted Plans? In some areas, the attempt alone to commit a crime may be punished, even if the crime is not completed. For instance, it is generally a crime to attempt to murder someone, even if one has not succeeded in doing so.

The Insane Way Out. Most western systems do not punish to the full extent individuals who commit crimes unintentionally or are not yet of legal age. Those who have been proven to be insane at the time of the crime are examples of such.

Since insane people are said to not have proper control of their decision making faculties, no malicious intent can be accused against them.

When proof of a crime can be found, person can be put on trial for the criminal act. This allows the suspect to prove innocence, or for the court to prove his or her guilt. If found guilty, the person is now subject to the punishment accorded to him or her by the state.

Committing a crime is no joke. And being accused of such isn’t either. A good understanding of the basic concepts of the law makes understanding, appreciating, and obeying the law a more straightforward and appealing endeavor.

Partners In Crime or Brothers In Arms?

“… and though they hurt me so bad, in the fear and alarm… you did not desert me, my brothers in arms”

Dire Straits

As one year ends and another begins, I listen and read the predictions of the direct response marketing industry leading professionals (the kind of marketers that have been around for more than a decade, not the flaky “gurus” on Facebook) for the new year.

Specifically, I look for upcoming trends in what they reveal.

Trends to guide me in my business in the new year.

An always-good practice is to look for certain problems and shortages that your market is experiencing and come up with a solution and a unique approach you can incorporate in your business to stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

You know what turns out to be the scarcest resource in businesses today?


See, in this modern business world where everything’s cheap (or even free), and everyone seems to be an expert in something, loyalty is king.

How many times have you experienced unloyalty from an employee or partner?

How many stories of shady con men disguised as online consultants or experts?

I know I have.

It almost seems like honest businesses and business owners are nowhere to be found, and those who are honest and loyal are eaten alive.

These thoughts always bring me back to when I served in the Israeli army.

Back when I knew that no matter what happens – when the shit hits the fan – my brothers in arms got my back.

Going to war never worried us – as long as we had each other we knew we’d be OK.

The heroic stories of the legendary Israeli army commanders that seemed to have victory running in their veins always kept our spirits high.

You may say we were just kids dreaming of glory and pride in defending our country, but think of it this way –

What effect would that kind of morale have on your business?

That kind of “Brothers In Arms” spirit is what I always strive for in working with my clients, or as I call them – partners.

In a world where freelancers are notoriously known for being a mere “hired gun”, jumping from client to client, trying to amass as many as possible while being loyal to none,

Loyalty will get you a long way and will ring out in your marketplace like a sniper’s deadly shot through the dark.

How’s that for an original branding strategy?

Cyber Crime Prevention

Cyber Crime

I would like to discuss on a very stimulating topic i.e. Cyber Crime, or in other terms the crime committed by means of computers over internet. The illicit use of computer to promote fraudulent activities like child pornography, stealing personal identifiable information or violating policies of any association, all such actions can be categorized under Cyber Crime. Most of the misconducts are triggered via Internet and its study has gained importance in recent decades, because the use of internet is seen in every sector of society like business, entertainment, medical services, sports, media industry.


Maximum of the law-breaking cyber-criminal crooks target information that are owned by any individuals, corporations or governments. These attacks never exist in any physical form; it always takes place in virtual form. One of the major aspects of these crimes is that it can be easily committed from a remote distance in a matter of seconds and it becomes very difficult to trace evidence or punish criminals because it might require global co-operation. With the advancement of various technologies criminals can easily hide their identity physically or virtually over the internet which sometimes becomes very challenging to locate.

Different forms of Cyber Crimes:

Hacking: It is a form of crime in which criminal’s access personal or sensitive information stored in systems database belonging to any individual or organization from a remote location. The actual owner may not be aware that his confidential information is being accessed by other person. The criminals mostly use special software for such activity.

Copyright Violation: It generally takes place when someone publishes articles or content which is owned by some other people. Some others forms of illegal activity which comes under copyright infringement are downloading pirated music, movies, games and software.

Cyber Stalking: It is a form of online harassment wherein the prey or target is tortured by a series of online messages, emails.

Phishing: It is one of the major forms of cyber-crime and the people who are mostly affected is individuals who are using internet as a medium for cash transactions and other banking related services.

The criminal attempts to acquire sensitive information like username, password and credit card details to withdraw money or to purchase stuffs online illicitly.

Malicious Software: It is also known as Malware which is basically a computer code and once it runs successfully; it can give partial or full control to your computer and the criminals can easily access any sensitive information or can damage your data.

Child abuse: This is also one of the major forms of cyber-crimes wherein criminals forces minors via chat or emails for any adult or pornographic act

Preventative measures of cyber-crime:

It is a phenomenal task to tackle with cyber-crime. However, I would like to highlight few tips to my friends which they should always follow.

Strong Password: Always use altered ID/password for various accounts that you own and never make mistake of writing it down physically over a piece of paper. You should always change your password regularly and make sure your device is fully protected and secured.

Use Social media sites cautiously: Be sensible while posting anything on social media sites. Once, the content is live on internet, it stays there forever!

Protect your personal identifiable information: Be careful while revealing any personal information such as name, address, phone number or financial information over the internet. Always prefer secure website for online transactions.

Avoid being scammed: Think multiple times before you click any link which asks you for any personal information. Please verify the source, and never reply to such fraudulent emails.

Call the right person for help: Never Panic! In case you are duped or come across illegal online content or suspect any fraudulent activity like commercial spam. Please report to your local police or if you need to secure your computer system, try to consult certified computer professional.