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Money Tips That Will Help You

Being a single mom is a financial challenge that does not have to break you! Single moms should be proud to be a single mom and can still have the success’s that you have always dreamed about. You simply need to be smart and creative when it comes to your money saving.

First of all, to be in control of your finances you must be a budget queen. You need to know how and when your bills are due, your paychecks come in and what you have for groceries etc. Your breakdown guideline should be: 60% of your income to needs, 30% of your income to wants, and 10% of your income to savings. If you don’t have a budget tool, I have you covered. Visit my website below for a free tool that will help you budget and get on top of your finances.

Secondly: Examine all of your house bills. Look at what you have and what you are paying. You will be surprised at the extra fees and services that you have, but you DON’T need. By reviewing your bills, and adjusting your services to what you NEED you will save hundreds of dollars a year – possibly even a month.

Third Tip- When you go shopping, ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS review your receipts to make sure you have been charged correctly. Quite often, scanners miss the sale and you miss your savings. When you find errors, go to the customer service counter and point it out. Most companies will offer you $10.00 off your next purchase for your inconvenience.

Fourth Tip – Be a smart grocery shopper! Don’t buy in bulk products that will expire before you use them. Head to do the bulk section and buy what you can there – you will save on packaging and fancy containers. If you find something on sale that you and your family eat a lot of (or that won’t expire quickly) buy lots of it and take advantage of the sale. Stay away from the isles and stick to the edges – they promote the isles as good sales, but they are not always and you end up making “impulse” buys that can be costly. Always make enough for left overs to save on lunch food and have a healthy lunch from your dinner left overs.

These are just a few money tips that I have up my sleeve, being a single mom too! Finding ways to save money is a hobby that can pay off in the end. After all, having extra money around to treat yourself and your child is worth taking a few moments to finding ways to save the money you work hard for!