Is Hamlet in Reality a True Crime Story About the Murder of Tycho Brahe?

“Hamlet” by William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is considered one of the greatest plays of all times. We all know the story of the Danish prince whose mother has married the undisclosed murderer of his father, i.e. his uncle who now also has become the new king. However, when most of us see this as the well-established plot of the play, professor Peter Andersen (Universite de Strassbourg) sees it as a sort of allegory over the murder of the famous Danish astronomist, Tycho Brahe (1546-1601). This controversial theory was published in his new book, “Kunstvaerket” (: “The Artwork”).

His key to this interpretation is a story from 1603: “Den Hvenske Krønike”. It is about the enmity of the brother of King James I’s wife, Anna, i.e. the Danish king Christian IV (1588-1648) and the astronomist, the murder by proxy by his relative, Erik Brahe, who admitted his crime in a letter, etc., etc.. The reason for the murder is according to Peter Andersen first and foremost the numerous slights by Tycho Brahe against the king’s close friend and advisor, Jon Jakobsen (Also goes by the name of Venusin).

One of the reasons for the king’s personal hatred of Tycho Brahe may have been the rumours that he had had an affair with his mother and that he had murdered his father, the former king. That made the astronomist out to be the king’s natural father and thus robbed him of his legitimacy. According to Peter Andersen, the “Elsinore” of “Hamlet” is not the town of Helsingoer, but the small island of Hven which for many years was the home of Tycho Brahe.

To me this is a rather circumstantial evidence in a crime investigation, but Peter Andersen has assembled a large mass of evidence and is very well read. I think this is a book which shall fall totally or stand tall with time. Many will reject it on sight, so to speak, but only time will tell how it shall fare.

Stalking the Stalkers – The Balance Between Justice and Crime – A True Story Book Review

The celebrity stalkers out there are alive and well, but they are as dangerous as heck. How can you catch them before they do something really devious? Well, suggests the prosecutors, you turn the table on the stalkers, and switch roles, you stalk the stalkers. Very similar to the hunter become the hunted and the prey becoming the predator, or in the case of the US military, terrorizing the terrorists. See that point.

This is indeed such a fascinating subject and whereas, I have never been one to recommend a book on this topic of true crime detective work, or prosecutors stalking stalkers, I can see this interests you and thus, there is a book I recently read which sheds light on this topic, and boy will it make you think. The cases outlined in the book are all true. The name of this fantastic tome is:

“Whisper of Fear – The True Story of the Prosecutor Who Stalks the Stalkers by Rhonda B. Saunders and Stephen G. Michaud (both best selling NYT authors), Berkley Books, New York, NY, (2008), pp 338, ISBN: 978-0-425-22371-0.

The book goes through the true stories of stalkers of Hollywood Elite, including Madonna, Steven Spielberg, and Gwyneth Paltrow. There are also some chilling stories of spousal abuse and of former sexual partners who killed their victims and then buried them under their houses. Riveting at times, chilling, and it really makes you think about all the whackos in the world.

You will be introduced to the psychology of psychopath killers, stalkers, and the sexually deviant. Also of chronic criminals turned to stalkers, these are fans, and hate mongers of glamour and glitter, it’s an amazing book indeed. The clues are there, and it is incredible the great detective work and interesting how hard it is to catch these folks, especially pre-crime, as people have rights, privacy, and until they make a real move there is nothing you can do.

Getting inside their heads, thinking like a stalker appears to be the only way to win, and if the detective fails, lives are at stake and the outcomes are scary to even consider. Learn about the detective techniques, “legal weapons” and insight into how they stalk the criminal stalkers. Prosecuting the stalkers isn’t easy either, but Rhonda Saunders helped write many of the stalking laws, and she explains what it takes to actually catch them and make those arrests stick. You will love this true crime book.