Ten Valuable Money Tips

Hi, Friends. Today, we need as many ways as possible to KEEP MORE OF OUR MONEY! In this article, I write about 10 ways to save BIG money. I have included a new one… the Money Merge System, which is a way to PAY DOWN YOUR 15 OR 30 YEAR MORTGAGE IN A FRACTION OF THAT TIME. Do a Google on Money Merge System to learn more about it. We have developed our own version of the Money Merge System named “The Self-Implemented Fast Mortgage Pay Off System” which eliminates the middle man “hosting company”, who charges a hefty sum to become part of that system. Stay tuned and join our newsletter to learn more about it.

Renting Instead of Owning. In this day and age, there are few reasons to rent versus owning your own home. Even if you find it difficult to qualify for a mortgage, and in today’s market this is quite common, you can find people who will sell your home and hold paper (be the bank). Many times they will give you an interest rate that is lower than what the banks are currently charging, and will also give you ample time to procure a mortgage from a bank.

Not Having A Home-Based Business. In America a home-based business gives you so many advantages, and tax write-offs we can’t afford not to have one. With a home based business you can write off on your taxes a percent of your mortgage or rent, utilities, car fuel, entertainment and more. You can choose any kind of legitimate business to receive these advantages.

Gasoline Prices. Gasoline prices have are above $4.00 / gallon. I have heard people with large SUV’s or cars with V8 engines saying when they pull into a gas station it easily takes $100 to fill the car which lasts only 2 or 3 days. My 4-cylinder Ford Focus costs approximately $35 to fill and this fill-up lasts about 5 days. Unless you have money to literally “burn”, driving a smaller car will cut your “gasoline” budget down immensely.

Donating To Charities. We really do live in an interdependent world, thus when one person is hungry we have a responsibility as human beings to aid in feeding that person. There are many charities, that are working to make the world a much more humane place for all of us. Many of these charities have 501C(3) status, which means, any donations we make are 100% tax deductible. Overall, we will be much safer, and have more abundance when ALL people in this world have at least the basic necessities in life.

Sales Tax Differences. Buy, especially expensive items, where taxes are less. There are several percent differences in the sales tax in cities and villages that surround one another. We live close to a large city and are frequently there, but I cannot remember the last time we filled up the car with gasoline in the city. The city gasoline taxes add at least an extra $0.10 to the price of gasoline compared to the surrounding communities. Also the sales tax on goods and food is 2 to 4% higher than in the surrounding suburbs and counties. I am not saying we should not support the places where we live, but I believe one of the ways we can put pressure on the politicians to keep taxes down is by not supporting unwarranted tax increases.

Shop From The Internet. Shopping from the Internet saves you (in some cases), sales tax and in all cases wear and tear on your car, gasoline, time and can be a lot less stressful. Many times you can also save in shipping costs if you order over a certain dollar amount. You can buy everything off the Internet from lingerie to the car you drive. Internet shopping is the best!

Discounts On Children’s Classes. Soccer Moms and Dads out there, did you know you could get discounts on children’s classes and lessons for siblings, if you just ask for them? We enrolled Markus (one of our 7 year old twins) in a summer reading program through one of the local universities and decided to enroll his brother Malcolm. By just asking we were able to enroll Malcolm for 50% off! If you are not sure and sibling discounts are not advertised ALWAYS, ALWAYS ask.

Vacation At Resorts or Cruise Instead of Staying At Hotels. When vacationing with the family, staying at a resort or going on a cruise are much better values. Resort condominiums usually include a full kitchen, family and children’s activities and exceptional amenities. Cruises also include all your meals and numerous events and activities for the entire family, depending on the cruise.

Take Advantage of Your Credit Card Grace Period. Would you like to have a 25 to 30 day loan at 0% interest? Use your credit cards for all your purchases and pay them off by the grace period and this is exactly what you get. You also have the added benefit of improving your credit score for future large purchases, when you need top borrow money.

The Money Merge System. The “Money-Merge-System is by far the best money tip, I have for you out of all 10 listed here. This system can allow us to pay off a 15 or 30-year mortgage in a fraction of the time. It has been used in Canada and Australia in the past and now is being used in America. This system is called the “Money Merge System” and to use it requires a homeowner to have good enough credit to take out a HLOC (Line-of-Credit) on their home to implement. There are companies that are selling this system to mortgage holders, however a version of this system, which I call the “Self Implemented Money Merge System” can be done without going through the expense of having your system set up by a money-merge “hosting” company. Stay tuned for a full explanation of this system in future newsletters from ConsciousMoneyAdvice.